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Media Ministry

The media department of Ecclesia features several functions. The main focus of the ministry is to help people develop their potential and their talent through various creative projects. The first function is to highlight various church events and to develop appropriate programs for several media channels that we currently utilize. One of these functions includes radio broadcasting on local Russian radios, which we have been doing for many years. The Media Ministry is also responsible for undertaking responsibilities pertaining to the internet population. We focus on sharing God’s message website content, sermon archives, and social media posts. Among other things, we record programs for television and write articles for local Russian press. Another function includes our drama team, which organizes drama productions, church festivals and various activities within our city. Annually, we organize a Christmas celebration for the children of our city. Our aim is to deliver important messages of Holy Scripture to the audience through original, artful and succinct writing. The third function involves video recording of church services and other activities, which includes actively preparing young people for future service in our media team. We invite creative persons who are ready to devote themselves to this important ministry, which happens to be a very interesting and exciting work.

Alexander Shilovskiy
Technical Director

Email: alexshilovskiy@webecclesia.com

Contact: markk@webecclesia.com or alexchmil@webecclesia.com


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