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This year in Cuba, our team had the ability to visit 4 churches in the capital city of havana. One of them was a church that we financially supported last year to help finish construction. It was amazing to see that they finished the church building expansion, making it 3 times bigger than before ( and full of people). We also sowed money into their next project, a kids playground for the nearby neighborhood area. They will use it to evangelize and spread the gospel to nearby surrounding areas. On top of that, we blessed 2 of their missionaries with new bicycles as well as financial help. We visited our very own Church Ecclesia in the rural suburbs of havana. We helped start it on our first trip to Cuba, 3 years ago. We purchased the land last year and with God’s help, we should start constructing a new building this year. We also visited the church of pastor Faustino in downtown  Havana. We’ve financially supported them with their church building for the last 2 years. They’ve finished with the main sanctuary, and now they have 2 Sunday services with a combined 600 people. On our way east of Cuba, we visited more churches in the cities of Cienfuegos, Placetas and Santa Clara. In Cienfuegos, one of the churches we visited was a church that we gave finances to for a new roof, which is now completed and in full use. We proceeded to visit another church, where 2 years ago we sowed some finances into their church building project. This year they are done with their new building which will hold more than 500 people. We also blessed them with 8 bicycles last year and another this year. Our mission continued into the city of Placetas. The church there church works a lot with the local community. They serve breakfast daily, to the poor and the local widows, helping them with laundry and showers. They even send missionaries to surrounding mountain villages. They are a tremendous blessing to the people around them and we are honored to be able to serve them. This year we blessed them with 7 new bicycles for their missionaries and also seeded finances for their church building which is planned to house over 400 people. The last church we visited, was pastor Williams church in Santa Clara. We’ve supported him financially and also helped to build children’s classrooms for his church. This was our 4th trip to cuba, and we were astonished at how quickly god changes places and even people through the work of men. We have witnessed a positive change in the areas we serve in cuba. Overall we visited about 8 churches, 3 cities, and 3 other towns and provinces. We gave 8 bicycles to 3 different churches and gave financial help to every single church we have been at.





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